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MS Word EMR Project 2008

This program was first introduced in 2004 then updated periodically since, with the most recent version for download being the Word EMR Project 2008. It's been downloaded over 3000 times. These all have the underlying code closed. There are 3 versions due to an ActiveX reference problem with Word in which one of the software version specific references will not update, causing errors. If you wish to purchase the "open source" version click here. The manual can be downloaded from here. This software was last updated on 12/31/2008.

Charge Capture Utility This program was first introduced in 2007. It was written using a Word complicated table routine. It is useful in capturing patient hospital and nursing home visits. This file was last updated on 10/8/2009- the code is now "open", allowing for simple changes in the VBA code. There are now 3 files in the zip- the txt file shows how to make changes, s.a. from "Intermediate Visit" to "99213."
FMLA Template This template helps in the completion of the national FMLA form, using Word UserForms. Updated on 12/25/2008.
Office VBA Teaching Applets
Test Graph This applet demonstrates how to incorporate a graph into a Word document, with the underlying data coming from a background Access database.
Hyperlink Form 2007 This applet demonstrates how to make an Access form that looks into a Windows Explorer folder and lists all the files in a hyperlink manner.
MS Access Scheduler form 2007 This applet demonstrates how to use the Calendar activeX control to make a very decent scheduling utility.
Form Fields List Box 2008 This applet which shows the techniques of adding dropdown fields to both a Word template and onto a Word UserForm.
Transfer Table From One Word Document to Another This applet shows you how to use another Word document (instead of a database) as the source of record data.
Email Template 2008 This applet demonstrates 2 methods of sending off emails from a Word template. It will be up later this weekend.
Hotel Receipt Template This is an applet that I put together 2 years ago while answering a MS Office Forum question where you calculate the price based on 3 different price dates.
MS Access EMR Project This is the actual EMR that has been used in my office since 1990, initially written in Paradox for DOS then in 1995 ported over to Office/Visual Basic for Applications platform. It will be available for general circulation in 2009. Click here for the manual with numerous pictures of its forms, reports, etc.