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HIT in the USA 2009 This is a presentation was first uploaded to this site on 1/27/2009 and will be updated throughout the President Obama's first term in office. It was last updated on 1/26/2009.
The Real Facts About EMR Here I dispel EMR myths. I discuss the true cost of an c-EHR implementation as well as go into the dark side of c-EHR inside politics in the USA. Updated 4/2009.
HIT in the USA 2005-2008 This is a presentation was distributed to various Congressmen on12/2007 by one of my patients to lobby against an HIT-tie-in mandate. It was last updated throughout 2008.
CCHIT HALL of FAME This is a tongue-and-cheek poster on publicly traded CCHIT-certified EMR companies that have been in trouble in 2008 (updated on 11/23/2008).
EMR-OPOLY This is a game of Monopoly, HIT-style, depicting EMRs from the free/cheap to the "terminally overpriced" (posted initially on 8/2008).
EMR 10 Commandments The 10 rules for EMR vendors and their clients.
Choosing Your Electronic Medical Record This lecture was first presented to the Washington Hospital Center Urology department on 12/2006. It was last updated on 9/2007.
Political Pictures These are the pictures, mostly having to do with EMR stuff,  that I've used in my postings for the past 4 years; there are about 75 amusing pics.
Joke Pics These are the pictures, entertaining to say the least, that I've used in my postings for the past 4 years; there are about 200 amusing pics.
Family/Personal Pics These are my personal and family pictures.


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