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4/7-8/2010 Updated the FAQ page, and fixed the references page so that it's now Firefox friendly. I also performed some minor but critical navigation fixes.
2/7/2010 Completed a complete restoration of the 2 areas with downloads and important URLs- the now named "EMR Political URLs & Downloads" and the "News, Web & Book References" sections.
12/15/2009 Added in new columns, as well as old and new blog URLs to the Publications/Politics page.
11/13/2009 "My Political HIT Victories" section is updated with numerous new activity in the HIT world.
11/1/2009 "My Political HIT Victories" added to website, which represents a section listing HIT political activity where I personally participated in the fight.
10/10/2009 Various web pages refreshed with new material and layout (home page and free publications especially).
10/8/2009 The Charge Capture Applet zip file updated; the dot file is now open code.
  • Various links that didn't work were fixed.

  • The newest PowerPoint presentation, "HIT in the USA Under President Obama" was uploaded.

  • The VBA tutorial applet "Transfer Table From One Word Document to Another" was added to the Free Downloads section.

  • My personal "About Me" section was updated.

  • The WordEMRProject 2008, version 5.1 (2000 and 2002 formats) and 5.2 (Word 2003 format) are now ready for download. The version 5.2 "open source" is likewise ready for download. These versions fix minor bugs and numerous click buttons have been removed to make it easier to compose a full note. When one selects the patient in the frmSOAPNote UserForm, all data now gets filled in (s.a. PMH, FH, SH and medications).
  • Site and project names changed from MS Word (or MS Office) EMR Project to WordEMRProject/OfficeEMRProject, respectively.
12/25/2008 The FMLA Form upgrade is uploaded in zip format. This form demonstrates the utility of using Word UserForms and a linked back-end Access table to help in filling out a complicated industry health report full of redundant field entries.
  • From the "Free Downloads" page- The newest WordEMRProject was uploaded, fixing several major bugs, including a back-end table linkage problem. The FMLA template was activated for download.

  • From the "Publications" page- The CCHIT Hall of Fame, to reflect the effect of the current recession on the expensive CCHIT-certified EHRs was upgraded.

11/17/2008 The Charge Capture Utility was updated- the automated table row formatting bug was fixed.
11/2008 I've been working on my WordEMRProject, fixing a few bugs that arose when I made the back-end tables the same as that of the AccessEMRProject. The "open source" template, sold for $79, is made available for download.
9/2008 thru 10/2008 I was busy working heavily on my MS Access EMR, the AccessEMRProject.
8/2008 thru 11/2008 Various other chapters were added to the on-line EMR Programming Tutorial
8/4/2008 The Intro Remarks, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 of the EMR Programming Tutorial are completed.
8/1/2008 The EMR Programming Tutorial detailing the technical aspects of EMR production is initiated.
7/15/2008 The site is redone using MS FrontPage, seen in this picture.
7/8/2008 The www.msofficeemrproject.com website, to house the MWEP is inaugurated. Initial site picture.
7/7/2008 The WordEMRProject software, version 5 is rolled out for public download.
Future Stuff... Planned for 2010-
  • I will be placing the final entries into the "What is Wrong with HIT in the USA?" PowerPoint presentation to close out HIT under President Bush. The next version of this presentation will focus on activity under President-Elect Obama's administration.
  • I will be switching the WordEMRProject to a back-end SQL.
  • In 2010 I will be rolling out the AccessEMRProject and interfacing it with the WordEMRProject (to be done soon). It will also be interfaced with MS Excel so as to allow for billing through Office Ally (this part is completed).